Welcome to Farm Studio!

Bristol's most experienced and best equipped, video and photography studio complex and a BBC “Preferred Supplier.” We offer a complete studio service, open to all genres, and taking care of all your studio production requirements; from lights, grips and cameras to sets, hospitality and personnel.

We make setting up and carrying out your shoot as simple, efficient and enjoyable as possible. There is a wealth of facilities, equipment and expertise available here, of which you can use as much or as little as you like; and because of our low overheads, it is all offered at extremely competitive and reasonable rates.



The Studio

We pride ourselves on quality customer service and are dedicated and enthusiastic about helping to produce great images. Our work here has ranged from Hollywood features to family portraits and we welcome everybody. We also specialise in hi-speed digital video and time-lapse photography. Set in a lovely location, there is enough free, private, secure parking for dozens of vehicles. There is complete wi-fi connectivity, good food and hotels just round the corner and a fully equipped, comfortable green room. Use of adjacent feilds for any outdoor shots you might need is easliy arranged.

For more information on our studios please click the images below:


Studio 1

Studio 1:

1350 sq.ft. adaptable, versatile space with complete black-out and three-phase electricity supply. Drive-in possible through 12'x12' shutters.The infinity cove is 28ft wide, 14ft high and can be painted in any colour - white, grey, black, cso green/blue etc.

Studio 2

Studio 2:

Suitable as a space for portraiture, pack shots and macro work, it is where a lot of the time-lapse photography of the studio takes place. It also doubles as a private hair, make-up and changing area with back-lit mirrors. 300 sq.ft...

Studio 3:

Studio 3:

Similar to Studio 2 but 50% bigger, Studio 3 offers a comfortable, self-contained space that can be utilised in complete exclusion to the rest of the studio complex, with its own mac/photoshop suite and tea/coffee facilities.


Office / Off-line suite

Can be booked as a production base and/or off-line suite. With pc and mac terminals, wi-fi, desk space, photoshop software, mac based avid and final cut pro software on twin screens. 200 sq.ft..

Ceiling rig:

Ceiling rig:

For the hanging of lights, drapes, props, sets etc. We can provide a complete 360 degree screened cyclorama in black, white, cso green/blue approximately 30ft in diameter. The ceiling reaches 25ft at its apex and 20 ft at the eaves and is insulated for sound and warmth.



Primarily used for the storage of the extensive range of cameras, lights, grips and set materials held here, it also offers some good camera angles or can be used as a viewing platform. 675 sq.ft..

Green room / hospitality area:

Green room / hospitality area:

Fully furnished kitchen and dining space with comfy seating, sofa-bed, hi-def tv, dvd player, ipod dock, radio, games console, mirrors, pc terminal and wireless internet access. All facilities, including tea, coffee, soft drinks, snacks and fruit, are complimentary. 175 sq.ft...